Voor engels moesten we een een stuk van 500 woorden schrijven, in het engels natuurlijk. Hij is nog best leuk geworden, dus voila, voor op m’n blog!

Every person has a lot of regrets in his or her life. Big regrets. Little regrets. Maybe you didn’t buy those shoes you really wanted. And now you can’t buy them anymore, because they’re sold out. Or maybe you did things at that party last weekend. Wished you didn’t drink as much as you did. Or maybe you should just try to keep your agenda more up to date…

Watching a complete season of the new mtv-series ‘Awkward’ and suddenly I remembered. I had a deadline, which I had forgotten. I had written it in my agenda, I had thought of it the night before. But when I actually had to write it, I forgot. As they would say in that mtv-series: ‘Awkward!’

So now I’m sitting in my room and it’s a Saturday night, eight o’clock. And while I was planning on cleaning my room, I’m typing a creative paper which I should’ve handed in already. And now there’s another problem. What shall I write about?

Another piece about Hilary Duff’s brilliant life won’t be an option. And I’m not that good in trivia about the stars, so making up all kinds of interesting facts about them, won’t be an option either. I’m not good at cooking, so I don’t have any tips that will make your pancakes awesome. And I’m only eighteen, which doesn’t make me the right person to give good live lessons.

Maybe I should try to make some rules so I won’t forget other deadlines. That’s a good example of multitasking. But now the hard part, making the rules. Write stuff in my agenda won’t work, that shows. Most people have high-tech cell phones, but I still have a prehistoric one who has awesome features like being able to call or text really easily.

Writing everything I have to do on my hand isn’t that good of an idea either. Or should I just stick post-it papers everywhere. But then I maybe end up like the picture on the right. And that wouldn’t make me calm, but only make me more stressed out.

And while I’m trying to make up at least one more good option I just think to myself: just learn to use your agenda. Those things were made for this purpose! Maybe I shouldn’t find a new way, but just adjust my own person.

So this is going to be a warning for myself. And in that process I made a creative paper containing 500 words as well. I think I’m going to put this paper above my bed. Above my bed in Zwolle but also above my bed in Ferwert. Just a little reminder to think about deadlines. Because deadlines are holy and If I ever want to be a good journalist, I should learn to respect that deadline, before it’s too late. Before I miss too much deadlines and get kicked of school or before I’ll never learn again and that wouldn’t be good for my reputation either. Journalist out and let the relaxing begin!