Ik vraag mensen vaak om die lekkere geur te omschrijven, maar het blijkt heel lastig.

‘Waar ruiken aardbeien naar?’

‘Weet ik veel! Fruit?

‘Oké, maar hoe ruikt fruit dan?’


‘Ja, maar hoe ruikt dat dan?

‘Weet ik het?!’

Ik kwam laatst een blog tegen waar deze man geuren tot in detail omschrijft. Hier kan ik iets van leren:

If Lemon had to pick one verb to subsist on for the rest of its days, that verb would be “tickle.” It is a younger scent, probably about three or four years old, if one could place it, and it would enjoy giggling. It comes out of nowhere to tackle you, and once you get over the initial shock it can be quite pleasant, even joyful. For a lot of people, though, Lemon doesn’t know when to quit. It’s not malicious, but like a small child who doesn’t understand when the game of tickling isn’t fun anymore, it just keeps coming. But you can’t deny it its enthusiasm. Also, by virtue of its sheer relentlessness, Lemon is often used in cleaners. It goes after other smells aggressively. When Lemon overtakes another smell, however, I don’t picture that smell submitting; I picture it running away. Level of Intensity: 10

Heeeft hij gelijk?